John Strauch
Producer, Director,
Media Consultant

     Much like an auto mechanic, most web designers take care of their own car LAST.  It has always amazed me how every time you go to see the work of a 'web guy (or gal)' they are always under construction.  What's up with that?

     Well, I guess I'm no different in many regards.  I think the reason this is true is that we are our own worst clients.  Some people will tell you that we are all 'perfectionists', but that just ain't so.  More like procrastinists... which isn't a word by the way.  But it does serve to describe one of our biggest problems.  The second is that we don't pay ourselves, so we ignore ourselves.  If I paid myself better maybe I'd listen to me more (you know, the little voices that 'artsy' people hear).

     So, in an effort to get some things done, I'm just leaving this page up as a place holder to get my mail, link to other projects I'm working on, and have a place I can call 'Home'.  I'm not in the phone book... I'm really too busy to want phone calls.  I don't have a YouTube video, Twitter, or FaceBook page (which if you have all three of these I guess you have a 'YouTwitFace' account) so don't look.  I choose my customers, they don't choose me.  I work all over the globe and have yet to feel an impact from this economic downturn everybody keeps talking about.  Wish I could slow down a bit.

     If you need to contact me, I'm at john@majesticvideoandphoto.com .  This is not a link, so if you want to email me, you'll have to copy and paste the address into your SEND TO field.  Soon (ya right) I'll be posting links to the many projects I'm in the middle of, so if your interested, come on back some time... or don't.  Its all good :-)

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